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Early Childhood Education Policy

Providing an access to a high quality of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECE) has been a major focus for policy makers and providers in Thailand. This can be seen through the enrollment rate of 2.9 million children between the ages of three and five in the center based ECE programs. Among various ECE programs, kindergarten or Anubarn is considered the largest ECE program in the country. This is followed by child development center and child care center.

Four departments including Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Education provide different ECE services in Thailand. In order to monitor its own program, each organization is mandated to set standards for the internal quality assurance. The accreditation of the external quality of Anubarn, on the other hand, is examined by the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment. ECE program in Thailand has a hundred years of history. For more information about ECE programs in Thailand please contact Child Connect.